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New & Used Shelving And Racking Systems

About Us

We manufacture, supply and Install Industrial and Domestic Shelving, Racking and wide Range of Storage Components, We also buy and sell refurbished Shelving and Racking, We make custom made beams and frames in variety of sizes and style to suit customer’s budget and specific needs

Shelf Rack (Pty) Ltd is one of South Africa’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of Shelving and Racking, In addition we provide experience, quality and efficiency at affordable price, We are proud to say that among our large customer base we can include many of South Africa’s top corporations with whom we continue to receive follow up orders, and ongoing business

Shelf Rack (Pty) Ltd maintains the highest quality standards, we use the latest state of the art equipment to manufacture top quality product while adhere to all the safety standards, We also offer refurbished Shelving and Racking that is as good as new, In line with our policies with regards to quality & safety, unlike many others, all of our installation crews are full time employees of Shelf Rack (Pty) Ltd and at no time do we entertain subcontractors installing our equipment

Our products can be used for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial storage purpose, Aviation Sectors, Cash and Carries, Clinics, Corporate Filling, Distribution Centres, Domestic and Household Storage, Engineering Industries, Farming, Garages, Hotels, Hospitals, Libraries, Malls, Manufacturing Companies, Mini Markets, Offices, Pharmaceuticals, Parts and Spares Stores, Restaurants, Stores, Schools, Storage Units, Super Markets, Shopping Centres, Service and Repairs Centres, Suppliers, Spaza Shops, Theatres and Warehouses

Sell your used and second hand shelving today, decking materials, racking, uprights and beams today, we buy all second hand light, medium and heavy duty racking, shelving, uprights, beams and used decking materials, We will come to your location for quoting purposes, Please contact us now and we will give you a great price

Our Products

Bolted Shelving

We offer a wide range of shelving in various standard dimensions and sizes to suite your requirements

305mm x 914mm | 381mm x 914mm | 457mm x 914mm | 610mm x 914mm | 914mm x 914mm

These shelves can be used to hold items of value that are being displayed, stored or offered for sale.

Light Duty Racking

Light Duty Racking to store from small components to light cartons, this expands your storage capacity giving you higher density storage and greater flexibility whether you store tools, boxes, cartons or files.

Medium & Heavy Duty Racking

Medium Duty Racking is specifically constructed and designed for slightly heavier loads between 1000kg – 1500 kgs / UDL(Uniformly Distributive Load) and Heavy Duty for 1500 kgs – 3000 kgs where, Both are the most suitable systems for medium to large capacity warehouse users, For storing goods on pallets using fork lift trucks, pallet racking is a must-have utility for safety and convenience, With our fully adjustable range of pallet racking, it’s easy to find the right setup to suit the client’s needs.

Catwalk, Mezzanine & Structural Floors

These Floors are steel and timber floor creating an additional level of storage space, this allows effective utilisation of open floor space or storage equipment below, Structure may be supported by a racking, shelving or steel columns.


A workbench is sturdy table at which manual work is done, they range from simple flat surfaces to very complex designs that may be considered tools in themselves, comfortable height for working with provisions for seated or standing work.

A way to fix the work piece to the surface so that it may be worked with both hands, provisions for mounting, storing and accessing tools.

Cantilever Racking

Generally used for certain product types, this system is for long lengths which need unencumbered special handling storage

This system of Racking is ideal where Open Face entry is required giving uninterrupted access to larger than average products

This system is ideal for lumber, pipes and products which won’t go into conventional racking systems.

Automobile Assembly Line Customised Trolleys

Custom build automobile assembly line parts trolleys, Trolleys are all designed and manufactured to your specifications, Great for large motor vehicle manufacturing factories or for small companies that need mobile parts storage, All trolleys are made to order and are manufactured using the latest technology and top quality materials, The trolleys can be sprayed a variety of colours to match your companies branding.

Shelf Rack, New And Used Racking, Beams, Frames, Pallets, Decks, New And Used Shelving, Small Parts Storage Systems, Mezzanine Floors, Work Benches And Automobile Assembly Line Parts Trolleys.

Custom Made Wire Workers Lockers

Custom made wire workers lockers available in different sizes, made to order to your specifications.

Shelf Rack, New And Used Racking, Beams, Frames, Pallets, Decks, New And Used Shelving, Small Parts Storage Systems, Mezzanine Floors, Work Benches, Automobile Assembly Line Parts Trolleys, Custom Made Wire Workers Lockers.



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